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"My hair loss, fatigue and hormone imbalance began several years ago and my symptoms were moderately severe.  Prior to being treated by Dr. Stanton, I saw a general practitioner, a dermatologist, and a gynecologist.  These other doctors never found anything wrong and they had no explanation as to why I was having these symptoms.  After being treated using Dr. Stanton’s protocols, I have improved in every aspect 100%.  I would recommend my family and all of my friends to Dr. Stanton."  --Melanie

"I had been suffering from right and left hip pain most of my life.  On a scale of one to ten, the pain was a nine.  I started treatments which have completely alleviated the pain in both my hips so I can now exercise regularly.  Since coming to Dr. Stanton, he has greatly helped me with my insomnia.  I am now sleeping soundly for seven hours a night.  Also, my allergy symptoms have been greatly reduced and I am improving tremendously every week."  --Michelle

"I have had low energy, increased mucus production, back pain and have not slept well most of my whole life.  These conditions are due to the fact that I have maintained a poor diet for as long as I can remember.  It was simply because of the lack of knowledge that I had.  After being treated by Dr. Stanton, with chiropractic, whole food nutritional supplements, and footbath treatments, I feel better than I ever felt in my twenties.  By coming here, I have learned many different things about myself and health in general.  I have learned that chiropractic adjustments together with a healthy diet will yield a happier, healthier me."  --Devin

"I used to get headaches and stomach spasms often.  Before coming to Dr. Stanton, I had seen another chiropractor, family doctor and a GI doctor.  My adjustments would only hold for four or five days and then I would hurt again.  No other doctors discovered the underlying causes of my symptoms and just prescribed me a lot of medications.  Dr. Stanton discovered that I was sensitive to some jewelry that I was wearing and it was causing my atlas to misalign over and over again.  Continual “wellness visits”, whole food nutritional supplements, and lifestyle changes have greatly helped me manage my Crohn’s disease and stress. Being a patient here has been wonderful! "  --Chelsey

"I struggled with a lot of pain and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia five years ago.  My symptoms began several years back.  My previous doctors were not able to explain the cause of my fibromyalgia.  The pain was so severe that it caused me not to be able to sleep. After my first footbath treatment with the EB Pro, I was able to sleep all night long.  Receiving treatments from Dr. Stanton and having everything explained in such detail has convinced me that whole food nutritional therapy along with chiropractic care will help me continue to maintain good health."  --Stephanie

"I've been off of gluten and dairy for a month now and feel FANTASTIC!! I can't believe the difference. Thank-You Thank-you for giving such expert nutritional advice.I need a few more referral cards please. I've been spreading the word!"

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